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Hamlet, these days, would have to be a ‘mild but potentially deadly cigar from Benson & Hedges’.That’s why many viewers believe the golden age of TV advertising has come to an end, and not only because recording technology means many of us simply fast-forward through the commercial breaks.And when actress Lynda Bellingham (pictured) died last October, a nation mourned ‘the Oxo mum’The new Independent Television network was born on September 22, 1955, a welcome alternative to the po-faced, dinner-jacketed BBC.The first advert, as we soon learned to call them, aired that evening at precisely 8.12pm, during a variety show.It’s worth reflecting that those annoying Russian meerkats in the successful modern-day ads for the Compare The Market website are part of a direct lineage stretching back to the PG Tips chimps and the Smash aliens In the Fifties, though, advertisers quickly realised the extraordinary power of television, and knew that with a catchy slogan or jingle, or preferably both, their products could become household names.It was then that Rice Krispies first snapped, crackled and popped, and even before 1955 was out, Cliff Adams and the Stargazers recorded ‘Murray Mints, Murray Mints, the too-good-to-hurry mints’.Long before George Clooney popped on our small screens drinking Nespresso, the face of Mellow Birds instant coffee was another movie star, Kenneth More.Of course, the cultural impact of a great advert is not always matched by a sustained surge in sales. Carlsberg sales, for example, were unremarkable until we were told repeatedly for 38 years that it was ‘probably the best lager in the world’.

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And when actress Lynda Bellingham died last October, a nation mourned ‘the Oxo mum’.

Numbers were drawn from a hat to decide which product would win the distinction of being the first ad — Gibbs SR toothpaste won.

Today, manufacturers have to prove that their products do you good before they can say so in their advertising, but for decades there were no such constraints.

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Indeed, it could be that the best commercials perfectly reflect the era in which they are made.

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