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The answer to that question may be difficult to find, but it’s not impossible.It should be deeply fulfilling to recognize exactly who is trying to program us.While there’s nothing wrong with any person having a sexual preference, it does something to society to emasculate males, to instill superficiality and create this kind of culture.This is easily recognizable: when there is no organic social reason for some trend to occur, and when several public figures or rappers suddenly participate in this social trend and give it traction, you have to identify who is financially tied to those setting the social trend in motion.What could matter more than identifying exactly who is creating our culture, how, and why?

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A cult exists in Hollywood and the music industry, or a collective of cults, and they are involved with propagating bad ideas to the masses and altering our culture toward being consumeristic and docile. Look closely at the hand sign Lyor is making with the Migos in this photo.

The financial system is obviously propped up by instilling a culture in people that worships money.

So understanding the high echelon of power that bankers constitute and how power players often try to engineer society, could it be that some people funding social engineering operations are bankers?

In fact, bankers are often some of the highest level power players, higher than government and corporate power.

It is inherently in the interest of power to engineer society, and to steer people’s culture in a direction that benefits their system.He has been a pioneer in the development of hip hop music and influential in the development of hip hop music acts, including Beastie Boys, Foxy Brown, LL Cool J, Jam Master Jay, Run D. Beginning as Run-DMC’s road manager, Cohen quickly began taking on additional responsibilities, working on behalf of an artist roster that included Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy.

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