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or so, Xiamou let Zhang pull themselves to Forest Park, "my ID on another friend there, you pull me to the forest park it!

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In the factory kitchen, Liu Changjiang first with water pipe hit the victim's head, and then, with relatives in the process of grappling with each other husband and wife,barbour jacket, and another triangular knife stabbed Zou and Park Hill's aunt's chest and abdomen abdomen,hogan, resulting in two injuries, Zou hill stabbed cesarean aorta, heart, liver, sent to the hospital died. Road, Xiamou call to his ex-wife, they do not answer.

After the incident, Liu Changjiang gave himself up voluntarily to the public security organs. He was texting his ex-wife back to the message said: "You do not come, I will not see you." Desperate Xiamou Meng gave birth to an idea - altogether to find someone to kill and sentenced to death his two calculations. The car spent more than four hours he had been looking for an opportunity to start coming liuzhuang when hooked Xiamou letting Zhang Huang Village of a small high road.

After hearings, the court sentenced the accused Liu Changjiang guilty of intentional assault,doudoune moncler pas cher, sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life, more than 390,000 yuan compensation. Great Plains in Navigation Road, crossing the northeast corner, he stopped a taxi, the driver found him walking Luanhuang, that drinking too much pull. "I called a friend, so he took my ID card to send down." Small summer took out his mobile phone to pretend.

Your body will collide with the Earth and you will bear witness.