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Despite Sony being the major shareholder, healthy competition between the two brands was believed to be profitable.

In 1990, Aiwa created the HP-J7 earbuds, designed to be vertically inserted into the ear.

Aiwa marketed Japan's first boombox, the TPR-101 in 1968, as well as the first cassette deck, TP-1009.

In 1980, Aiwa created the world's first personal stereo recorder, TP-S30.

Thomann looked to pair the brand with a company that was innovating in the audio industry, eventually leading to a deal with Hale Devices, Inc., headed by Joe Born. The Aiwa brand was formally relaunched in March 2015, releasing its first product, the Exos-9, a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

It was also used to expand in markets where Sony is not as strong.The second logo changed the font to a lowercase one, as aiwa.In 2003, after the acquisition by Sony, the logo was rebranded as part of Sony's efforts to 'revitalize' the brand, and was in use until the brand's retirement in 2006.Aiwa manufactured more than 89 percent of its output outside Japan, with a heavy emphasis on the lower-cost southeast Asian nations of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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The company was also heavily dependent on overseas sales, with more than 80 percent of total revenues being generated outside Japan, with 43 percent in North and South America, 25 percent in Europe, and 13 percent in areas of Asia outside Japan and in other regions.

In 1993, the first CD G-compatible portable CD player was made, the XP-80G.