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Gates, professor of history, Cornell University; Oscar Handlin, professor of history, Harvard University; Carl F. In the earliest stages of the work suggestions were accepted from several historians, who were in- terested in the progress made on the bibliography. Blegen, dean of the Graduate School, Uni- versity of Minnesota; Merle Curti, professor of history, University of Wis- consin; Paul W. This friendly relationship between Augus- tana College and the Royal Library was first fostered by T. Hasselquist and the head librarian, Harald Wieselgren. FRITIOF ANDER AUGUSTANA LIBRARY PUBLICATIONS Number 27 Lucien White, General Editor [PRINTED 1 IN US A J AUGUSTANA BOOK CONCERN Printers and Binders Rock Island, Illinois c c5x I DEDICATED TO D. ESTERDAHL A BENEFACTOR AND FRIEND OF MANY IMMIGRANTS TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Foreword by Conrad Bergendoff vii Acknowledgments ix Introduction xi List of Abbreviations xv 1. Over a period of nearly a century Augustana College has acted as a spe- cial agent of the Royal Library in collecting materials on the life of the Swedish immigrants in America. In fact it does not deal with the accomplish- ment of any one Swede even when he is a man whose contributions to America might have been most significant in a given field of endeavor. The bibliography does not concern itself with the individual Swedish im- migrant who lost his identity. Hasselquist: The Career and Influence of a Swedish-Ameri- can Clergyman, Journalist, and Educator. The Relation of the Swedish- American Newspaper to the Assimi- lation of Swedish Immigrants. The Structural Geology and Physiography of the Teton Pass Area, Wyoming. They have long been interested in the cul- ture of the Swedish immigrant. American publications on the languages and literatures of the Scandinavian countries." IS, 12 (May 1907), 3-66. The Illinois Central Railroad and its colonization work.

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I wish also to acknowledge my indebtedness to the Augustana Book Concern for its generous aid, financial and otherwise. "Scandinavian collections in the libraries of the United States." SASN, 15 (1939), 217-238. "Den svensk-amerikanska tidningspressen jamte korta no- tiser om tidningar pa norskt-danskt sprak i Amerika." Norden, (1902), 256-263. History of Scandinavian studies in American universities, with bibliography.

Persons will be claimed to be "Swedes" without a drop of Swedish blood if the name sounds Swedish.

The student of immigration is aware of the strong feeling of ethnocentrism found in any national group within America and, therefore, he makes allow- ances for the most extravagant claims of the group in its efforts to inflate its pride and feeling of distinctiveness.

The guide aims to focus attention upon immigrant sources and not upon local, state, regional or national sources.

These immigrant sources are too numerous when they deal specifically with the institutions founded by the immigrants to be included entirely.

Proboscidian Fossi.s of the Pleistocene Depos- its in Illinois and Iowa. Scandinavians Who Have Contributed to the Knowledge of the Flora of North America. A Geological Survey of Lands Belonging to the New York and Texas Land Company, Ltd., in the Upper Rio Grande Embayment in Texas. Standard guides for this type of material are available.