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31-Jan-2016 18:25

Not when Blaine’s next to him, warm and perfect and and for a moment it feels like the world didn’t come crashing down around him months ago during a simple walk in the park.“Are you asleep? Back to reality.”Kurt winces at his word choice, hates (and loves) that Blaine knows him so well. “Reality is overrated.”“Yeah, it is,” Blaine says quietly. “So, we’ll talk and text like we do now.”“Skype sex out of the question? You need to get dressed and get out of here before my dad and Carole come back anyway and-““Kurt, please,” Blaine says quietly and Kurt stops moving, lays his head on Blaine chest so he doesn’t have to look at him. I miss talking to you and being there for you and this, I miss lying with you in bed. They’ve talked about this before, they have and Kurt forgave him (claimed to forgive him) long before they tumbled into bed together at the wedding.

” Blaine whispers.“You didn’t tire me out that much,” Kurt quips and opens one eye in time to see Blaine forcing a smile. Kurt’s shirt is over by the shelf that hosts Blaine’s fencing trophies, his pants on the chair that Blaine bought from i Kea with Kurt’s input, underwear at the foot of the bed that they lost their virginities on. I miss waking up with you in my arms.”“We talk all the time,” Kurt says.“Not like we used to.”“Yeah, well, whose fault is that, huh? It’s a dirty trick but it works and Kurt gets up, taking the sheet with him.“How long are you going to hold that against me? But as long as Blaine keeps bringing up their past, Kurt feels like he can use that card. You scare me more than this thing with dad because I expected a lot of things to hurt me, Blaine, but never you.” Blaine’s eyes are wet and he nods. ” Kurt says breathlessly when Blaine opens the door, “He’s okay!

Reality is overrated and it’s suddenly all over this room and he has to leave it now.“So, what happens when you go back, Kurt? Because Blaine hurt him, God, so fucking much and no matter how much he didn’t mean to, how much he regretted it, how much he still loved Kurt- he still fucking did it. “Adam isn’t in the picture anymore.”He hears Blaine stop then ask, hope evident, “No? ”“It just didn’t work out.”Footsteps and suddenly Blaine is behind him, hands warm yet hesitant on Kurt’s shoulders. “I’m sorry but…Blaine, I’m not.”“I know.”“It’s just all too much with dad’s appointment and you and thinking about everything and I can only handle so much history in one visit home and-““Kurt, I know,” Blaine says softly. ”Blaine’s face breaks into a beaming smile and he says, “Kurt, that’s great-“And then Kurt is jumping at him, smashing their lips together and pushing Blaine back into the house.

And as much as Kurt wants to move past it, he hasn’t found it in him to do it. But tackling every problem by yourself…that’s not healthy. The door slams behind him and he still knows the way to Blaine’s room, can angle his way up the stairs without looking, more attention to focus on Blaine’s neck and Blaine’s lips and Blaine.

The breathless gasp leaves Kurt before he can stop it and his eyes narrow in competition.

That’s what Kurt says when he tugs Blaine into his hotel room, presses him up against the door and kisses him, in a way Blaine has honestly never expected would happen to him again.“Remember,” Kurt murmurs, nipping at Blaine’s jaw, “We’re just-““Bros helping bros,” Blaine finishes, squeezing Kurt’s ass for emphasis.

Kurt cups his face and pulls him down, kissing Blaine with all he has, twining his arm around Blaine’s back to hold him closer.Blaine strokes his face and looks at him and Kurt says, quietly, “I still need time. To wait.”“For as long as I have to,” Blaine promises quietly. The sunlight filters in from Kurt’s shitty curtains and the noise of the city follows it in, luring Blaine from sleep.He groans and stretches then rolls over in bed, smiling when he notices Kurt is still asleep.“That was-““Great,” Kurt finishes briskly, pulling away from Blaine’s hand and walking toward the bathroom.

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Blaine hears the water faucet turn on and then Kurt is walking out, tossing a wet towel at him. He can feel the backlash in his words but Blaine doesn’t say anything.Kurt comes, biting down hard on Blaine’s shoulder and Blaine follows soon after. Kurt’s forehead is pressed against his and they’re both panting heavily, coming down from their mutual peaks of pleasure.

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