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17-May-2016 07:10

He also credits the stories his dad told about his early days as anightclub entertainer with sparking his imagination.

Michael notes that his love of writing began rather accidentally when he suffered a stroke.

This is a crazy ride that will make you laugh and cry and believe in happily ever afters again. I was blessed with a free copy of this book, and have chosen of my own volition to share my review with you!

This book is the second book in the Twins of Flames trilogy.

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In SOPIE, the second book in the Twin Flame Trilogy, a matured Anna Sopoulos reunites with the love of her life, Mark Banos.Not a stand alone, so if you have not read the first, I suggest you do, as it will help you with this one. Sopie gets back with Mark, the love of her life and their son. That wry sense of humor smacks of modesty as Spencer is also an Adjunct Professor of English and a doctoral student at the University of South Flori Spencer Michaels is the pen name of the father-son writing team comprised of Michael and Spencer Bennington.